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Green Statement




After many years of recycling and minimizing waste we now note that this has become more mainstream and on occasions we have been asked to provide information on the source of our materials for Clients. On this basis we have now added this page to show you what we do.

In regard to Environmental and Social responsibility:

  1. Our boxes are manufactured in the North East of England at our premises. Some suppliers are now importing from overseas with the resulting Carbon emissions.
  2. As our boxes are manufactured in the UK all procedures comply with Health and Safety and all our staff are of course employed under the UK Employment Legislation with the protection it affords them.
  3. The board used to produce the boxes is made as follows:
  4. a) The grey board i.e. the back of the board that is covered is produced from 100% recycled pulp.
  5. b) The white lining to the board is produced from sustainable Forests
  6. This results in the recycled portion of the board being 60-70%
  7. The cover paper used is 100% recyclable and uses selected ECF pulp, further it complies with Toy Regulation NE71 for dyes and TA90/LGA for safe disposal.
  8. The adhesive used in the production of the boxes is animal glue and thus is manufactured from animal byproducts, is natural and is thus biodegradable.
  9. Shipping the products is done through a standard carrier and the outer packers used to ship the products are boxes that are re-used i.e. products have come into our warehouse in these boxes, we store and reuse.
  10. Finally all off cuts of board, cover paper, foil etc are passed to locals schools, groups and playgroups for art purposes.

If you have any further questions on our green policy please do not hesitate to contact us.


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